Wintering Reed Warblers are regularly encountered at Kartong both in the Typha reedbeds and the dry coastal and Acacia scrub that surrounds the wetlands.

We have just received news that a Reed Warbler ringed on 18/01/14 at Kartong was controlled at Hilgay Wetland CreationNorfolk on 11/08/2015 by Graham Austin of the BTO. This is the 6th Reed Warbler ringed at KBO to be re-captured back in Europe during the summer months. Details can be found on our Recoveries and Controls page.

Reed Warblers also seem to be faithful to the wintering site with 5 birds recaptured at Kartong the winter after ringing and 1 bird returning to Kartong in 2 successive winters.

IMG 5095 

The KBO ringing report for the 2014/15 winter, including the main ringing course in January 2015, is now published online here. On the expedition 1888 birds were captured including 303 (16.0%) Western Palaearctic migrants. The dry conditions in the region during the last winter meant that wetland species were condensed into the remaining quarry pools while many others had moved on. The lack of water also resulted in higher numbers of typical Sahel species (Western Orphean Warblers, Subalpine Warblers and Woodchat Shrikes) were encountered.


A report has just been received of a colour ring Sandwich Tern seen at Tanji ringed from the colony at the Blakeney National Trust reserve, Norfolk.

This project in Norfolk started in 2013 with 52 chicks ringed, and 105 in 2014, and aims to provide information on their migration and wintering grounds, and hopefully sightings in the Gambia. This work compliments the research done at Kartong where 10 Sandwich Terns have been caught and colour ringed.



Sanderling - colour ringed/flagged bird on Kartong beach [update: this bird was ringed in Western Iceland in May 2013]

Short-eared Owl (third Gambian record and new species for the site)

Hudsonian Whimbel, last winters bird returning.

Lesser Moorhen

Booted Eagle

Black Stork, a new species for the Obs

Record numbers of Ospreys and Marsh Harriers

Black-tailed Godwits (12)

White-fronted Plover (highest ever count of 17)

Common Tern (record count of 217) on Kartong beach.

Osprey - German Colour ringed

Another successful ringing course was held in January 2014.

Feeding shorebirds

Coastal creeks are a haven for feeding shorebirds.

Armitage's Skink

Armitage's Skink was previously considered to be the only endemic species in The Gambia. There are recent reports of a newly discovered population in Guinea Conakrey. This one found in 2011 was unfortunately killed in a bonfire.