Kajabang Medical Post

Fractured falling from a mango treeThanks to donations from bird ringers, birders photographers and other friends we are able to provide palliative care first-aid and hospital treatment to those in need. In our first year we have treated over 2500 people and paid for over 100 children to attend hospital.

Our medical work provides an important resource for the people of Kartong who would be unlikely to receive appropriate medical care. Unfortunately many of those that attend are children suffering burns and infections, which are often avoidable.


We look forward to developing an educational awareness program to reduce these cases.


Tree plantingKBO provides logistic financial and advisory support to local conservation projects. We have our own KBO bird group for students who wish to develop their bird watching skills and hopefully make a full contribution to running the Observatory, particularly our ringing research. We support all ecologically based projects that contribute to sustainability in Kartong. We are closely involved in three habitat restoration projects in the both the mangroves and forest. The Observatory endeavors to maintain its green credentials by avoiding the use fossil fuels where possible. Apart from air fares visiting bird ringers spend 90% of their finance directly into the village economy. We work closely with The Department of Parks and Wildlife Management who are our licensing authority in The Gambia.

Education and Sport

KBO Football TeamEducationally KBO sponsors 3 students at local schools and a student at Technical College. We also sponsor an under-11 football team.  The boys live close by and they insure that our equipment and nets are left untouched.  We also sponsor a women's co-operative gardening project. For visitors wishing to sponsor children locally we can act as voluntary agents to facilitate this.

Community work